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The Conrad Challenge is more than just an experience. It’s a way of thinking while solving a problem deeply affecting today’s society. Through the Challenge, we were able to attain a number of skills such as presenting complex ideas in a simple way that will not only engage the audience but also get our idea across in a clear manner. Conrad provides the opportunity to meet and integrate with so many amazing, like-minded, young people who you can share your ideas with. Also, receiving inspiration from many special guests, who have achieved so much in their careers and can pass on so much knowledge that truly makes you feel how with one simple idea you can truly make a difference.


The Professors – 2017 Conrad Spirit of Innovation Finalists


The Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge was useful because it was an opportunity to experience a real-world research project. We learnt how to make and use connections to improve our project, and we were able to work with professionals who guided and helped us. I enjoyed meeting heaps of students from all over the world. Even if we weren’t talking about our products specifically, it was incredible to chat to them and get to know what it was like to do things in different cultures and different countries. I loved making new friends on a day-to-day basis and learning about their products and how they developed their design. I would recommend this for high school students because it was a really good growing experience to spend so much time working on a project and having the opportunity to present it to such high-profile people. It’s an excellent introduction to the combination of business and science, which is a growing field in our world today.  


Kelsey Matushcka – 2016 Power Pitch Winner


I thought that the Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge was useful, as it taught me skills that I could further integrate into my life. Additionally, the challenge enhanced my research and presenting skills, which assisted me in completing various school assessments. Something I enjoyed while participating in the competition, was the thought that my group and I could potentially create a product that could help resolve an issue that it currently affecting the world. I would encourage students to participate in the Conrad Challenge, as it is a great way to create innovative ideas that can be used to solve real life problems. Not only will the Conrad Challenge help you develop your research and presenting skills, it will enable you to potentially commercialise your product to the wider world.


Hamza Khan – 2016 Power Pitch Winner


The Conrad Innovation Challenge is by far a useful initiative as it gives students the opportunity to take a concept of their own choice and bring it into fruition. The skills learned and required during this process can be used further down the track in life. The enjoyable parts of the process was simply learning about something you sometimes didn’t know anything about. Also, the experience over at the states and indulging in the Kennedy Space Centre was another amazing opportunity which was unforgettable. Although the workload is large at times, this whole challenge is a program which not only teaches skills for school, but for life. It showed that through hard work and a lot of research, sometimes that’s all you need to take you to an unforgettable and amazing experience.


Shihaab Azam – 2016 Power Pitch Winner


The Conrad Spirit and Innovation challenge was without a doubt a memorable experience that I was able to share with my peers. It gave me the opportunity to meet new and interesting people who had similar ideas on ways to make the world a better place. From health innovations to cyber inventions; I was amazed by what students my own age were able to achieve and create and I feel very fortunate to have been a part of this amazing opportunity. It was not only fun, but also a beneficial experience and I would highly recommend going if presented with the opportunity.


Chloe Rosazza – 2016 Semi-Finalist

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