Teams taking part in the Challenge are able to get support from industry leaders from across the globe! The Australian Conrad Challenge would like to thank the following judges who have generously given their time and expertise to help the entrants.

Siân Keys
Sian Keys founded Scienceability, a program which runs hands on science workshops for and by young adults with intellectual disabilities, for which she was a finalist for ACT Young Australian of the Year, won the ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Award for Volunteer Support, and was inducted into the ACT Women’s Honour Roll. Sian now works in communications for the Australian Space Agency, where she leads their community and school engagement.
Abhinandan Pattanayak
Ahbi holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from National Institute of Technology, India (2003), and a master's degree from University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2007). Since 2008, he has contributed in the capacities as a researcher and laboratory manager in the fight against Alzheimer's disease and cancer at University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, respectively.
Dale Reece
Dale is an Operations Manager with Project Management, Test Engineering and Systems Engineering experience, within the engineering and production domains.

With 21 years experience in the defence industry, and 2 years in the commercial aviation industry, Dale has developed a broad and adaptable skill set across the project management, systems engineering and test engineering domains.
James J Connors, PH.D.
Consulting Hydrologist, President and Principal Scientist of James J. Connors & Associates

​Dr. Connors is an expert hydrologist, hydrogeologist, and environmental scientist with over 30 years of award-winning academic and consulting experience. Dr. Connors has acted as a hydrology, hydrogeology, and environmental science expert witness in a number of cases.

He has also taught university hydrology, hydrogeology, geophysics, and geology.
Lisa Shaw
Program Manager Transformer, Bond University.

Lisa successfully financially managed global, enterprise-wide programs including ANZ Global Headquarters “ANZ Centre” (the largest commercial development in Australia ~A$1b) and the Suncorp-Promina Merger (one of Australia's largest Financial Services transaction A$7.9b).
Dr. Gloria Silva
Dr. Gloria Silva has over forty years experience in the fields of Bioorganic Chemistry, molecular recognition of DNA, natural product chemistry and bioactive natural products.

She has a particular interest in the fields of pharmacy, medicine, food industry and research. The design of her courses at the prestigious Mellon College of Science in Pittsburgh, USA, evolves from a practical view of the subject matter where she connects the theoretical concepts.
Joshua Tambunan
Joshua has held an internship in Shanghai as part of the UQ Idea Hub Adventure, was a recipient of Best Business Idea at UQ Idea Hub's Weekend of Startups 2017, alumni of iLab Germinate 11, served a term as a Brisbane Spark Engineering Camp's Partnerships Coordinator and volunteer at Eddie's Van. He has helped build the entrepreneurial ecosystem at UQ by serving the role of Chief Student Entrepreneur of 2019.
Scott Millar
Through his passion for new and emerging technologies, Scott has grown his business from a school project to one of Australia's leading holographic projections companies, running events and workshops across the country. Working in a range of areas from events to marketing, retail and education Scott has lead the development of hologram ranging from the size of a phone or tablet all the way to full life sized units.
Pavani Malla
Pavani is a cancer drug discovery and biomedical sciences researcher who holds a master’s degree in Chemistry from Texas A&M University and a bachelor’s in Pharmaceutical Science (India). Her research concentration is to investigating epigenetic and survival mechanisms adapted by cancer cells in prostate cancers, breast cancers and leukemia.
Hongzhi Song, Ph.D., GISP
Dr. Hongzhi Song is professional assistant professor and program coordinator of GISC at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, USA. She is a certified geographic information systems professional.
Angela Dahlke
Angela Dahlke is an innovation and entrepreneurship enabler, marketer, patent and trade mark attorney with global portfolio experience, published scientist, entrepreneurship lecturer, and social entrepreneur (as a side hustle to her full time role).

She harnesses her multi-disciplinary post-graduate education and cross-sector experience in multiple professional roles, to help enable and promote QUT's current and future innovators and entrepreneurs.
Dr Richard D. Craven
Dr Craven holds a PhD in Chemistry (Bio/analytical). He has nearly 30 years of experience in Research in Development in Energy, Alternative Energy/Fuels, and Biosensor Development, Business Management, Marketing/Sales, Quality Assurance and Education.

He has been published on topics as diverse as gravity’s influence on molecules at a solid-solution interface as well as rapid SLT gene detection.

Dr Craven currently does work on R&D on molecular biology, sustainable energy and polymer chemistry.
Dr.  Sathish Lageshetty
Dr. Lageshetty is a Radiochemist/ Facility Manager from Midwest Medical Isotopes LLC, located in Oklahoma City, OK, USA.
Mohammadreza Meymanat, M.D
Mohammadreza works as a full-time general physician at Valiasr Hospital, Zanjan, Iran. As an inventor, he has managed projects on cutting-edge targeted anti-cancer diagnosis and treatment methods, micro-motion external orthopedic bone fixation, new surgical preparation methods, cell targeting, anti-cancer nano-medicines, metal nanopowder production methods, industrial isolation and aerodynamic coatings.
Cayetana Martinez
Cayetana is passionate about entrepreneurship education, agile learning and business. She has a BA in Philosophy, two MAs in Humanities and an MBA. Throughout her professional career, she has worked in different roles in the startup space in Europe and in Australia. Cayetana is committed to support students and young adults to acquire an entrepreneurial mindset and to launch feasible and meaningful businesses. She is a TEDx speaker and a CSIRO mentor and currently works at UQ's Idea Hub.
George Edwards, CPG
Professor Edwards is a CPG, a Certified Professional Geologist working in the United States.
Alice Klein
Australasia Reporter at New Scientist Magazine.
Ragheed Al-Dulaimi
Ragheed holds an MBChB, MPH in Epidemiology.
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